Another Big Year at Big Red Studio!

• In April of 2011 Dan Crary recorded with his band ‘Thunderation’ and in June released “Perfect Storm” on Blue Night Records. A great review of the CD just appeared in Bluegrass Unlimited magazine which can be read by scrolling halfway down the page Here!

• Tyler Burn’s meticulously compiled synth-pop album “Solo Cinema” is a fantastic blend of old and new. Getting the best of analog synthesizers in the modern recording environment. Straight from classic keys such as a prophet 8 recorded to two inch at 30ips on the audiophile ATR analog tape and mixed to half inch analogue- you can’t get a bigger or better sound.

• Jazz guitarist Jonathan Smith was in the studio in June recording his album “En Route”. Check him out here.

• Yascha Noonberg recorded steel drums with the band Calynco. What kind of music do they play? – It can only be described as “calypso, funk, island, Latin, jazz.”

• Kory Quinn was in several times throughout the year. His first session was recording several songs for “Waitin for a Train.” In March he came back in with his band “The Comrades” to track four songs for “Waitin'” which was released in March. He’s been back since to work on his upcoming project. You can check him out on Facebook.

• Prolific political singer songwriter David Rovics has created several projects at Big Red in 2011. His February cd, Big Red Sessions, is available for free or by donation at his website. David also recorded two other projects; one of them being a children’s album.

• In September and October James Meyer recorded the album “A Life Uncomplicated” which features a unique fusion of blues and jazz. Be sure to check that out here.

• In July, Tim Murphy tracked lead vocals on his “Sleepwalk Kid” release.

• Bob Soper and the band Stringed Migration was here in March.

Brownsmead Flats, a quintet from Astoria recorded their third album, Astoria at Big Red. Its compositions delve into the history and culture of the Columbia-Pacific region.

• Jimmy Free, featuring his 7 string violin, released his album “Where Saints & Angels Tread” in December, 2010. He came back in again in October of last year to work on another album. You can read more in an earlier posting.