“Crafting the Future Vintage”

Big Red Studio - interior

Billy Oskay’s Big Red Studio is a Russ Berger-designed, analog/digital facility featuring award-winning musicians, engineers and producers here to help you create and complete your project.

Big Red opened in 2000 with one goal in mind: to provide great sounds in an inspiring environment where artists could enjoy creating music.

Located on 26 acres near Portland Oregon, it is close to city life and to the scenic Columbia River Gorge.

Today, Big Red is going strong, producing big, warm, eclectic recordings for a wide variety of artists. The finely-tuned rooms with windows to the outside & great gear, combined with an experienced staff easily make Big Red one of the Pacific Northwest’s top recording facilities.

“Hey! Awesome sounds, great feeling recording at your wonderful facility!”

Graham Lear

Drummer for Santana and many more

Contact us at 503-695-3420 or e-mail us